sexta-feira, 16 de março de 2012

Aperta com eles Sá Pinto!

The day ater:

Daily Mail: «Miserable night for Manchester.»

BBC: «A disappointing night for Manchester.»

The Independent: «Too little, too late for sloppy City.»

Daily Mirror: «So close but so far for Mancini's men.»

Daily Telegraph: «Roberto Mancini claimed his mistake in underestimating Sporting Lisboa led to Manchester City's Europa League exit at the hands of the Portuguese outfit.»

Guardian: «Mancini added: "I made a mistake in the first game when I prepared because, after Porto, to play against Sporting I thought was maybe easy, but football is never easy."»

The Sun: «More than £400million spent and still it's same old City as they were the nearly men again.»

[Via És a nossa Fé!]

Sporting tu és a minha vida, eu sem ti não sei viver!

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Na guerra, até à última gota!

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E mai nada!

[Via És a nossa Fé!]

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